Creating emotions



Aluminum and Zamak enhance any packaging with subtle and distinguished intensity. Beautifully showcased in metal, your creations take on an elegant, precious and brilliant dimension.

Resin and wood


Wood and resin allow us to create colorful swirling patterns and mysterious marbling effects. Brought to life by the natural force of timeless materials, these voluptuous curves wrap sensually around any of your inspirations to highlight their true beauty.

Leather and derivatives


Our certified-origin leathers and derivatives envelop your products in sensual luxury and soft, inviting strength. As soon as your customers see makeup or perfume products adorned in these exquisite materials, they will feel an irresistible desire to experience them up close and feel their gentle power in their hands.

Smart Plastique


Bio-sourced and/or recycled, plastics require new processing and customization technologies to meet the sophistication needs of your creations and comply with CSR requirements. Showcased within these new composites, your cosmetics take on the avant-garde silhouette of infinite possibilities.



Ceramics include any product manufactured from clay and fired at a temperature of at least 600°C.

Earthenware, stoneware, porcelain.