Dries Van Noten lipstick in Formes de Luxe

Refillable lipsticks 

Dries Van Noten has also launched a line of refillable lipsticks, whose casing ( PVL Beauté) comprises eight elements. The PBT top and base are decorated to various effect depending on the lipstick; a malachite print combined with a black and red PU coating, for example, or a blue and white porcelain-print base juxtaposed with an orange cap.

Two metallized PBT rings visually define where the base meets the cap, while circular zamak lozenges adorn the cap and base. Galvanized in an aged-gold with polished effect, they are engraved with the Dries Van Noten brand logo. For supplier PVL Beauté, the challenge lay in mixing the different materials and techniques. The lipstick mechanism ( Albéa) is sheathed in an aluminum cover from top to bottom, meaning the consumer cannot use it if it is not inserted in the lipstick base. 

 Component Mechanism ALBÉA Component Case PVL Beauté